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At Keystone Human Capital we understand that your people/human capital is the key to your business success.  

Most small to medium sized business owners know the frustration of spending a significant portion of their time on non-revenue generating activities such as payroll and HR. It therefore becomes an option to rather outsource part or all of their HR functions in order to for them to focus on their core business. Not only does this save them time, but also gives them access to specialist knowledge and skills and result in a cost saving.  

Our understanding your business, through our personal relationship with you, helps us to create value by developing easy-to-use, practical solutions to best address your specific needs and assisting you to meet your business goals.

Keystone Human Capital provides complete Human Resources Consulting services which includes the following areas in the HR lifecycle:

1.    Plan


  • We facilitate results-orientated meetings, work sessions, strategic planning and/or operational planning workshops, which assist you with pulling together an HR strategy and policy, setting objectives, crafting solutions and preparing action plans.
  • We conduct a gap analysis or HR audit of your current compliance to labour legislation, and prepare feedback to management where recommendations are made on the implementation of required actions.
  • We draft your HR policies and procedures in line with current legislation, taking into consideration your business environment.
  • We draft related documents such as employment contracts, warnings and notices, etc.
  • We assist you with your workforce (manpower) planning.
  • We facilitate the process of drafting/reviewing of job descriptions, job profiles and performance contracts.


2.    Attract


  • We design/develop an employment policy and procedure, with appropriate templates, for your business, and assist you with the implementation thereof.
  • We assist you with the drafting of adverts and utilising the most appropriate sourcing techniques to attract talent which is aligned to your workforce plan.
  • We guide you on drafting appropriate interview questions to test applicants for the knowledge, skills and attributes identified in the job profile.
  • We advise on a structured interview process and how to prepare for such process.
  • We participate in conducting interviews (on request).
  • We assist with reference and qualification checking, as well as ITC (credit vetting) verification.


3.    Getting started


  • We design an on-boarding process and induction programme for your business.


4.    Risk management and compliance


  • We provide assistance in reviewing, updating and customising your current HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance to legislation and HR best practice.
  • We review and update existing Contracts of Employment to ensure compliance to latest legislation and customised in line with the company provisions.
  • We review and update all related documentation such as disciplinary warnings and notices etc. in line with latest legislation.
  • We offer advice and assistance related to all labour related incidents (see our Labour page).
  • We audit your existing employee files to ensure that contents comply with the minimum requirements set by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.
  • We advise on the establishment and training of Employment Equity Committees and the compilation of EE plans and reports.


5.    Performance management


  • We assist you in drafting or updating your performance management process and policy.
  • We support you in the implementation of the process, recommending enhancements where required.
  • We guide you in development of KPA’s, KPI’s and measurable standards for all jobs.
  • We conduct performance management workshops for managers and team leaders to educate them on the process and how to handle poor performance and absenteeism cases.



6.    Engage, motivate, develop and retain


  • We advise and support you in conducting a training needs analysis to identify skills gaps and training needs for your employees.
  • We assist you with drafting personal development plans for employee.
  • We guide you on spending your training budget wisely.
  • Training:
  • We guide you in drawing up a recognition process.
  • We guide you in development of succession plans to promote employee development and help employees to manage their careers.
  • We facilitate the process of planning, implementation and roll-out of organisational design and/or development interventions.


We tailor our outsourcing service offering based on your organisation’s specific needs and offer both stand-alone interventions or services on a retainer basis.


Testimonial 1:

E-mail from client on completion of her compliant contract:

Good afternoon Deon. You have been great, thank you very much for all your assistance.  I will be sending you some additional documentation to assist with in the next couple of weeks.

Testimonial 2:

Keystone Human Capital initially assisted us with getting all our policies and employee contracts in place and ensuring we comply with all the labour laws. Their service is always fast and accurate and they ensured we had everything in place when the Department of Labour did an audit on our company. From there on we retained them on a monthly basis to assist with all our HR requirements. They were extremely helpful in assisting us with the whole retrenchment process when we had to let our staff go. They took all the stress and emotions out of the process and ensured that we complied with all the labour laws. They definitely made this very difficult process much easier. We will definitely recommend them for all your labour management requirements. -Daleen Dudley, Offroad Touring and Equipment