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We are involved in many aspects of training and believe that empowering managers and teams to handle their own HR matters will lead to much greater success in their own companies.  For this reason it is one of our main focus areas. 



As a team we love sharing knowledge and adding value to our clients’ employees.  For this reason we are always eager to facilitate training and through our relationship with Bruniquel and Associates, we have access to accredited material, should you require this.  All our facilitators have successfully completed the Facilitation Skills qualification to be registered with the Services SETA. As a result of the fact that we regularly facilitate training for Bruniquel and Associates, who are market leaders in Management Skills, HR and Labour training, we have presented training at many blue chip companies.  See a couple below and what they have to say:


·         Good energy, made the two days very enjoyable


·         The lessons were very educational and the facilitator is good

·         Very good presentation of content

·         Thank you, the training was helpful. We learned how to work together as a team.


·       The course was well presented, informative, the presenter was amazing. She made us feel comfortable as she was confident in what she was presenting.

·       Excellent facilitator. Learnt a lot that I will be able to use going forward with my team

BMW Finance

·       The facilitator was lovely and she encouraged interaction.

·       Excellent Job!!!


·       Great course, well presented, good energy

·       Well informed, easy to understand – Clear examples

Kimberley Clark

·       This training was very informative and equipped participants with knowledge on dealing with issues effectively

·       Very good, she was very accommodating even though we had issues of poor attendance on day 1, she made it work!

These courses are also available to the public.  Should you wish to join one of the open workshops, please contact us for the schedule and pricing.


Development of Training Material

We are also able to develop new material for our clients to suit their customised needs.  As our team has such a wide field of expertise and exposure, we are able to develop relevant, thought provoking and practical material on a range of subjects, and have done so from basic entry level labour relations material to advanced sales courses.


The biggest project we have taken on so far has been to redesign and present the Prospecting and Negotiation Modules of BMW SA’s sales training.  The feedback on this has been overwhelmingly positive and we have been asked to present this modules again this year!  Some of the comments from our ecstatic delegates are below:


·       Liselette was professional, factual and helpful.  Truly an amazing and refreshing experience.

·       Liselette had everyone’s attention at all times. Interacted very well.  Presented well.

·       Very interactive and excellent information.

·       I want to thank you again for a really powerful presentation you made for our team yesterday.  We all agreed that it was time well spent and the content is going to help us in our daily activities.

·       I have honestly taken so much from this course; the content and trainer were both superb.


Networking and Informal Workshops

Keystone Human Capital hosts monthly networking events where we present short and informative talks to small business owners on a variety of topics that impact them directly.  These events are free to attend, and you are welcome, just contact us for the details.  Please see the comments of some of our attendees below:

·         Extremely informative and more relevant to my business than I would have thought.

·         I want to thank you again for a really powerful presentation you made for our team yesterday.  We all agreed that it was time well spent and the content is going to help us in our daily activities.

Training is a real passion for our entire team.  Should you require any of these services, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we would love to add value to your team as well!